Kodacolor 200, Who Are You?


When I bought my LC-A+ 6 months ago, I got two free rolls of film in the package, to get me started. I’ve only just finished the second roll and now I wonder – who is this little amazing roll of film that produced such good results? Searching “Kodacolor 200” yields no results on Google – which means there’s something funky about it. I went a hunt, keep reading to see what I found out.

This is the canister. Have you seen it? Maybe you got some with your LC-A+? Don’t discard it! After this review you’re going to want to use it.

I searched the interwebs for a few hours, but no, there seems to be no information on this anonymous film. It’s not on Kodaks own website. Hm. Search some more forums… Some people think it’s a rebranded Kodak Gold. Maybe it’s something else entirely. I’ll choose to believe it is a strange-looking Kodak Gold until a better answer comes along.

So what does it do then? It does accurate, natural color pretty freaking well. Fine grain, very saturated and over-all very pleasing.

Credits: lighttomysoul

It must be inexpensive since they’re packing it as a beginners film along with the camera.
Searcing Amazon comes up with some lovely results.

Kodak Gold ISO 200 24 Exposure 35mm Film (5-Pack) = $13.95. That means only $2.79 for a roll! Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. There’s even options for 1 roll = $1.49.

With the ISO of 200, it’s pretty quick and hence good for indoor use as well.

Credits: lighttomysoul

So what do I think? I think I want more of this film!

With only 24 exposures on one roll it’s great if you want to finish a roll quick, if you’re one of those that can’t wait/don’t have the inspiration or time to shoot through a full 36 exposure roll.

With the low price, ISO 200, fine grain, good saturation I think this is a great film. I even think I love this film more than the 3x more expensive big brother Kodak Ektar. I don’t even know how many Ektar rolls I bought, maybe 7? 8? I’m still tiredly working through them even though I received them months ago, and I don’t think a single roll of that has performed as well as this little baby.

Lesson learned? More expensive isn’t always best.

Have you got this film around? Tuck in your camera and shoot happily away! :) Let me know what you think!

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  1. concrete-monstaz
    concrete-monstaz ·

    This is Kodak Colour/ Color plus. I have a stack of it cause they were selling it in poundland. I haven't tried it yet but seems good.

  2. emdewe
    emdewe ·

    It was sold in a german food discounter, but sadly this spring they stopped making it, so i bought a huge load of it. it was also sold in a 400 version which is at least as good as kodak gold 400, maybe even better! i love it!!! a very good film at a very good price! see some of my favourites shot with it: www.lomography.com/homes/emdewe/photos/11981265

  3. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    @concrete-monstaz thank you very much! this is very helpful :)
    a Google search just revealed that this little beauty is available in the Lomoshop USA for just $4! Now I need to figure out how to get it from The States to Sweden!

  4. nylonviolence
    nylonviolence ·

    this stuff is great! i use it all the time. you can get it in poundland, sometimes they stock 400iso film too so its worth checking if you pass one as a quid for a roll of 400iso is really good :D

  5. amrrr
    amrrr ·

    there are many in my country. this is my shot with kodacolor 200

  6. iandevlinphoto
    iandevlinphoto ·

    i have a fridge full of the stuff i love it, work in poundland so i generally end up buying it everytime im in work lol

  7. iandevlinphoto
    iandevlinphoto ·

    i have a fridge full of the stuff i love it, work in poundland so i generally end up buying it everytime im in work lol

  8. queloyo
    queloyo ·

    now i feel very lucky, i already have one shot but not developed and just bought two more in a local store that has A LOT of it @USD 3.00 and @concrete-monstaz is right with the name but i've never seen it with 24 exposures, always with 36 exposures. weird, isn't it?

  9. pretletterp
    pretletterp ·

    @goomba where did you find it in the Netherlands? I'd love to get my paws on some rolls :D

  10. igor-p
    igor-p ·

    In Canada this film is sold as Kodak ColorPlus. It comes three to a box. The red and yellow cardboard box says ColorPlus, but the actual rolls inside say Kodacolor 200 and are identical to the one pictured above. In Montreal, you can buy it at the Jean Coutu chain of pharmacies for $8 a box. That comes to about $3 a roll after sales tax, which is about as cheap as film gets around here when it's not on sale. A couple of years ago I bought several boxes of the stuff when it was on sale for $5 a box.

    I haven't had any luck finding information about it on the web either. I may try contacting Kodak directly since I would like to know about long exposure compensation for this film. Fuji have datasheets on their website full of useful information on all their films, including their consumer line, while you wouldn't even know Kodak was still in the film business going by their website.

  11. george97
    george97 ·

    This film is the cheapest! its from poundland:D

  12. lomographersayak
    lomographersayak ·

    just bought myself 2 of these rolls of 36 exposures in india...on the box it says Kodak ColorPlus but on the canister it says KodaColor

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