1. chromagnon
    chromagnon ·

    Atenzione al treno !!! Guay!!!

  2. alcesalces
    alcesalces ·

    @chromagnon that’s it! Thank you :) I was just looking for the right connotation for this picture :)

  3. lalouve
    lalouve ·

    a great picture!

  4. alcesalces
    alcesalces ·

    @lalouve thank you so much 🖤

  5. captainfantastic
    captainfantastic ·

    The train comes exactly out of the ear! fantastic picture - very psychodelic!

  6. alcesalces
    alcesalces ·

    @captainfantastic very much so! love when this happens. It was, of course, only partially intentional, as it always is with double exposures :)

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