Back in 2008 I did some field research in Western Ukraine during my studies in Cultural Anthropology and it was one of the strongest experiences I've had in life. With war waged in Ukraine now, my heart breaks for the country and the people. History is once again marking them in a cruel way. I remember speaking to elder members of local communities and them telling me absolutely horrific stories about their youth during the war. To think another generation will have similar stories to tell just makes me so angry. Stand with Ukraine. Help if you can.

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Canon A-1
Canon A-1/Ukraine 2008


  1. klawe
    klawe ·

    I am ashamed that there was no material support for Ukraine from my native Germany; and there have been no German sanctions against Russia so far.
    40 years ago I made several trips to the Ukraine, whose people had to bear the brunt of the liberation of Germany from Hitler's fascism (many millions of dead)... 🇺🇦

  2. almosthasselblad
    almosthasselblad ·

    @klawe the European governments seem to take their time but there are changes happening finally. I don't have words for what is happening in Ukraine anymore. I just keep refreshing newsfeeds and hoping they will be all safe soon.

  3. klawe
    klawe ·

    This weekend brings a little hope. Europe (Russia has been suspended since Friday) must stop its imports of raw materials (natural gas, oil, hard coal and aluminum) from Russia immediately!

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